Tuan's picture at Khone WaterFall, the Mekong River, Champasak, Lao (1994)
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Greetings Everyone,

My full name is Le Anh Tuan, just call me Tuan.
I work for CanTho University, as a Senior Lecturer.

You may know more about my work via my Curriculum Vitae.

The purpose of this website is to exchange experience in the fields of:

+ Home
+ My Family
+ Cacti & Succulents
+ Water Resources and Environmental Engineering
+ Rural Community Development
+ Cultural, Educational & Social Forum
+ Entertainment

+ Electronic Books, Documents and Lecture Notes



This is a personal, non profit and non organizational ties webpage. Author would like to share the chosen topics with everyone via Internet. I am not a professional web developer, if any careless found, please give me your advise and guide.

Some information in this webpage have linked to other web pages or other authority papers while I did not to contact for permission yet. If there is any disagreement for linkage, please inform me via my e-mail address ( for cancellation.


Have a nice day.




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