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Vietnam, in present time, is still a pro-agricultural production country which more than 70% of whole population living in rural areas. Agricultural labors make up more than 80% of rural labors and more than 70% of the whole country labors.

For many years in the past, agricultural production in rural areas occupy about 25 - 40% of gross national product or more than 40% of total export prices of the whole country. In rural areas, there are more than 50 difference ethics peoples living, they distribute on many large regions, having many distinguished natural, economical and social conditions.

In order to exchange the ideas, information concerning rural community development, this part will introduce many involved concepts, reports, case studies, …

S Article on Saigon Tiếp thị Newspaper on 1/2/2014: Climate economy: far and near. (Vietnamese only)


S Article on Tuổi trẻ Cuối tuần Newspaper on the End-year Issue (30/12/2013): Towards a Smart Agriculture. (Vietnamese only)


S Article on Vĩnh Long Newspaper on 25/11/2013: Green economic development under cliamte change conditions. (Vietnamese only)


S Article on Tuổi trẻ Cuối tuần Newspaper on 27/08/2013: Feeling tired up with the third rice crop. (Vietnamese version only)


S Why is the Mekong River Delta still in an education depression? (7/2013) (Vietnamese version only)


S After more than one decade development: Farmers in the Mekong River Delta are still poor. Why so? (4/2013) (Vietnamese version only)


S Article on The Saigon Times on 28 June 2012: "Measures the changes of climate".


S Paper written on 18 June 2012 "Discussion on Happy Planet Index (HPI)". (Vietnamese, Pdf. file)


S Paper "Impacts of climate change to the cultural heritages and museums in the Mekong River basin" in International scientific workshop "Museums with cultural heritages in the Mekong River Basin and the Gangs River Basin in the context of the global climate change" (Hue City, 11-12/6/2012). (Vietnamese, - Abstract in English, Pdf. file)


S Scientific workshop on "Xa No Canal - Rice road of Hau Giang region" in the 1st Vietnam Rice Festival  (Hau Giang, Vietnam, 30 Nov. 2009): From Xa No Canal: Look back the irrigation systems development of Hau Giang region. (Vietnamese - Pdf. file)


S Designing a concrete shelter model combined storm-proof and water jar for people living in the coastal area. Holcim Bronze Prize.  (No Gold prize, only 1 Silver prize, 1 Bronze prie and 3 Consolation prizes) to 2 CTU Students: Lê Anh Tú and Lê Huỳnh Thông Tín, Advisor: Lê Anh Tuấn.


S Scientific workshop on "Environmental problems and sustainable development in the Mekong River Delta" (Can Tho University, Vietnam, 2 May 2008): Rural environmental problems in the Mekong River Delta, Vietnam. (Vietnamese - Pdf. file)


S Rice price on the end of April 2008: Virtual fever or Real fever ???


S Thanh Nien Newspaper (08 Jan. 2008): Offer suggestions for water supply solutions to Truong Sa archipelago.


S International Development Studies Conference: Mainstreaming Human Security: The Asian Contribution (Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand, 4 -5 October, 2007): Children Security as part of the "Living together with Floods" Strategy in the Mekong River Delta (English - Pdf. file)


S Schools in the flood prone of the Mekong Delta:  Flood vacation instead of summer vacation? (Vietnamese version)


S  International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) Publication 2006: Economic differentiation of rice and shrimp farming systems and riskiness: a case of Bac Lieu, Mekong Delta, Vietnam (English-  Pdf. file)


S  Consultant Workshop on Solutions for Water supply and Rural Sanitation in AnGiang (AnGiang, 28/6/2006): Proposed Engineering Solutions on Water Supply and Rural Sanitation for AnGiang province (Vietnamese -  Pdf. file)


S Joking, idle talk seriously!: Fish-pond toilets in the Southern rural area


S The second International Symposium on Southeast Asian Water Environment, (Hanoi, Vietnam, 1-3 December, 2004): Sustainable water management for rural development in the Mekong River Delta, Vietnam (English-  Pdf. file)


S Water, Poems, Songs and Vietnamese Women

S The role of UNICEF in rural water supply & environmental sanitation / ADB workshop (English version)

S CPS Rural Development Project: Vietnam Dragon Fruit in Champasak, Laos


S Horticulture workshop in Dong Thap: Planning for SaDec's Flower Villages


S Sunday Youth Newspaper dated 12 Jan. 2003: Planning

S Sunday Youth Newspaper dated 1 Dec. 2002: Community-based planning


S Rural condition in Vietnam

S The needs to develop the current rural condition in Vietnam

S Obstacles on developing rural condition in Vietnam

S Steps of a rural development project

S Introduction to Vietnam rural development projects

S Rural survey methods

S SWOT analysis method


S E-book: Rural development project analysis (Vietnamese -  Pdf. file):

Front page, Prepage, Contents

Chapter 1: Beginning on rural development project

Chapter 2: Vietnam rural situation and rural development orientation

Chapter 3: Formulation steps for a rural development project

Chapter 4: Financial mathematics on project economical analysis

Chapter 5: Investment alternatives choice

Chapter 6: Non-target aspect analysis for a rural development project

Chapter 7: Assessment and management for a rural development project 



S E-book: Rural water supply manual  (Vietnamese -  Pdf. file):

Front page, Prepage, Contents

Chapter 1: Concepts on clean water and health

Chapter 2: Basic water resources hydrology and hydraulics calculation

Chapter 3: Water use needs surveys

Chapter 4: Means and water collection works

Chapter 5: Rural water supply treatments

Chapter 6: Means and water storage works

Chapter 7: Transfer and rural water supply distribution

Chapter 8: Building and management for water supply projects

Chapter 9: Appendix and references  


S E-book: Fixative designs for rural toilet models (Vietnamese -  Pdf. file):

Summary in English

Front page, Prepage, Contents

Chapter 1: Rural toilet in Vietnam - Present situation and Problems

Chapter 2: Basic knowledge on rural toilet sanitation

Chapter 3: Rural toilets without water

Chapter 4: Rural toilets with water

Chapter 5: Community based toilet management


English - Vietnamese Toilet Dictionary

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