Vietnamese Version

"A smile is worth ten tonic medical prescriptions"

Vietnamese said thus. Smiling and laughing will reduce our worry, stress. They help us having an optimistic, active life and a better health.

This part includes (Vietnamese version only):

Humor stories 

§ Children's humor stories
§ Connubial jokes

§ Ghost humor stories

Humorous short essay

§ Vietnamese in overseas
§ How to say I LOVE YOU in many different languages


Laughable but un-laughable 

§ N.T.N. "blowing up" ...

§ Fast but ... insipid

§ Eating on the street - catching a disease... May you be fined? 


Humorous pictures

§ Help Me... Up!

§ Strip cartoons


Funny music
§ Music
§ Flash karaoke Vietnamese funny music


Funny poem
§ Overseas students' humorous poems

§ Waterman's Love Funny Poem

§ Ecological Chanty
§ Poem to Builder


Strange stories

§ Strange things in the world and Vietnam


Have a nice day.



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