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Vietnam is a nation that has more than 4000-year history with a long-standing, diversified cultural and social customs.

This forum (only in Vietnamese version) is open in order to exchange and discuss on:

S  Letters, Poems and Literary composition,  Reminiscence (Vietnamese version)

> Funny remarks: Complications on Vietnamese - American languages  

> Give child a name: ... not so easy 

> Poem: It is only ...
> Chronicle: TapGhiBenHoGuom.html

> Reminiscence: Vietnamese Students and Pupils under the "Subsidy" period 1975 - 1986 

> Reminiscence: "Professionals" under the subsidy period

> Talking on Water

> Going to the Pagoda ... Hearing, Seeing and Thinking 

> Thuy Hang: I see the film Mission Impossible III

> Water, Poems, Songs and Vietnamese Women
> Funny remarks: Vietnamese in Oversea

> Biography of Writer Tran Thanh Mai

> Tran Tuan Man: Idle talking beside Tower

> Tran Tuan Man: Ethics of Deliverance

> A note in home at midnight

S  Long journey chronicle  (Vietnamese version only)

Visiting Sri Lanca (21/9/2011)

Kimchee narrative (17/10/2010)

He who has not climb the Great Wall is not a true man (1/3/2010)

Kunming narrative (21/2/2009)

On the height 4,176 meters level of Ecuador country (29/10/2008)

Terrible Toul Sleng Genocide Museum  (20/10/2008)

Angkor mysterious (19/10/2008)

Back to Chamapsak (25/1/2008)

Pondering in the Land of the Rising Sun (03/12/2007)

Cosplayers in Bangkok (6 October 2007)

Recording in Bangladesh and Baikka Beel wildlife sanctuary (8 Sep. 2007)

>  Once attending a Conference in South America (14 July 2007)

Seeing EU, thinking ASEAN... (25 March 2007)

>  Visiting Chennai, India: a tsunami-effected land  (1 February 2007)


S  Editorial (Vietnamese version only)

> Article on Hồ Sơ Sự Kiện (Files and Events) Journal No. 262 (7/9/2013): In order to escape the "depression" of education  

>  Vietnam's Rover Moot 2012 in Bidoup - Nui Ba National Park and the excursion to Thien Thai Fall  (30/12/2012)

> Cow's tongue line of China starts licking to scientific publications

> Article on Kinh tế Saigon Online (25/7/2011): Vietnamese nation and Water

> Article on Tuổi trẻ newspaper (16/7/2011): Disregards on environmental dangers

> Article on Tuổi trẻ newspaper (13/11/2010): "Poor" flood and Poor men

> To oppose a Pipe-Deforestation plan for a Golf Project in Tuyen Lam, Dalat


S Vietnamese Heroes and Famous men

>  Minister Phan Thanh Gian

>  Hai Ba Trung

>  Emperor Quang Trung - Nguyen Hue

>  Hero Tran Quoc Tuan

Patriot Phan Boi Chau


S Traditional and social customs
> Country art pictures
> Greeting styles of Vietnamese
> Hue's Images

S Country's Beautiful sides and his Tastes and smells

> Traveller's notes to East West Region

> Ba Danh Pagoda

> Notes on Far-off ConDao

> Country's Tastes and Smells
> Vietnamese Foods
> Hue Style Spicy Beef Noodle (Bún bò Huế)

> Vietnam's Pho (Phở Việt Nam)
> Salted-fish Soup-Pot in Vietnam Southern style (Lẩu mắm Nam Bộ)


S  History and Geography of Vietnam
> Vietnam's historical annals
> Vietnam maps (Source: The Genaral Libraries of the University of Texas at Austin, USA): Vietnam Provincial Map (2001), Vietnam Shaded-Relief Map (2001), Vietnam Administrative Map (2001), Indo-china Ethnolinguistic Map (1970), Indo-china Map drawn in 1886


S Education, Informatics
> Informatics lecture note 1998: Operating System MS-DOS

> Informatics lecture note 1998: Information and Information processing 

> Informatics lecture note 1998: Basic Principles and General Structures of a Automatic Information Processing System

> Informatics lecture note 1998: Information Expression in Computer

> Informatics lecture note 1998: Norton Commander & Informatic viruses

> Informatics lecture note 1998: Guide to use WINWORD for text processing

> Informatics lecture note 1998: Guide to use EXCEL for data processing

> Informatics lecture note 1998: Programming language PASCAL


> Requirements for a Computer Aided Syetem for Teaching, Learning and Examination (CASTLE) for Cantho University
> Requirements for a Financial Management Software Package for CanTho University





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