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Cacti and succulents families are plants that have a highly specialized anatomy to enable to survive prolonged drought in the tropical and semi-arid tropical areas.

In present, cacti and succulents planting and collecting become pleasures and popular in many places in the world. Many cactus clubs have been established for cactus lovers coming to exchange their experiments on cacti and succulents varieties, care and cultivation methods as well as show case.

This part includes:

Ÿ What are cacti and succulents?
Ÿ How to take care cactus?
Ÿ Cactus clubs in the world
Ÿ Cantho Cactus Club
Ÿ Cactus raising hobby - a living philosophical movement for a youth (Audio)

Ÿ Cactus stamps
Ÿ Cacti and succulents names (arranged alphabetically to figure names)
Ÿ Cacti and succulents names (arranged alphabetically to English - Latin - VN)
Ÿ Cacti and succulents names (arranged alphabetically to Latin - English - VN)

Ÿ Cactus' funny pictures

Ÿ Cactus funny story 

· Some adaptabilities of cactus to the environment

· When were Cacti and Succulents in Vietnam?

Ÿ Cacti beautiful flowers

Ÿ Saguaro Cactus beautiful pictures

Ÿ Moment pictures of cacti 1

Ÿ Moment pictures of cacti 2

Ÿ Moment pictures of cacti 2

Ÿ Acclimatision map of cacti and succulents

Ÿ Decoration for furniture, jeweller, ... as cactus similes

Ÿ Cactus and Sex
Ÿ International Cactus Show 2005
Ÿ Poems on Cactus (Collection)

Ÿ Vietnam Dragon Fruit in Champasak, Laos
Ÿ Quickly Nopal cactus multiplication for planting in Vietnam 

Ÿ  Vietnam cactus in an American-Veteran's house

Ÿ An Giang Cactus Billionaire

Ÿ Can cacti treat obese ?
Ÿ Cactus and SARS
Ÿ Cultivation techniques for Dragon Fruit Tree  
Ÿ Cactus on Highland
Ÿ The great plants in arid-land
Ÿ Mexico cactus "is unfaithful" to bats for birds
Ÿ Golden Prizes (cacti) in Giap Than Spring Flower Show 2004

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